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Old Days

Planning Committee



The first planning meeting for 2024 Los Alamos Old Days

January 8th @ 6:30 pm @ LAVMC

Old Days Planning Committee 2023


We have raised close to $20,000.00 with our fundraising events. The goal was to raise at least half of the $30k it will cost to make our annual Old Days event happen. We owe a huge thank you to our community for supporting us. The next Old Days Committee Meeting is Monday, July 17 at 6:30 pm. Car show applications, parade applications, vendor applications, and ad applications for the Old Days Book can be found here: Applications



Old Days Planning Committee 2023


We have raised just over 15,000.00 to date with one more bingo fundraiser scheduled for June 23, 2023. We are in need of auction items, volunteers, and game sponsors. If you can help, please contact Kristy, Shirley, or Ray.

Old Days 2023 will definitely look different than the last three years. In 2020 there was no Old Days Event. 2021 and 2022 were smaller than usual for many reasons. We have been working extra hard to make 2023 as fantastic as it can possibly be. We are definitely back on Bell (if CalTrans approves our permit). The parade is back on Bell (if CalTrans approves our permit). There will be camels! There will be many new vendors (if CalTrans approves our permit). We have big plans for the 77th annual Old Days but there is still a bunch of work to do. Car show, Parade, and vendor applications are on the website. - check it out! The Old Days Planning Committee meets on the third Monday at 6:30 at the club.

Join us and help us make 2023 a spectacular year. 

Old Days Planning Committee 2023.


We have raised just over $9,000.00 so far. Vendor and Parade applications are available on the website. Car show and Old Days Book applications will be added soon. The theme was determined by vote - Red, White & Country. Back on Bell is the sub-theme. All event chairs must submit timelines by the next meeting on April 17th @ 6:30 pm.

For more information or questions:



Old Days Planning Committee 2023


We have raised a little over $6,000.00 so far. The goal is to reach at least $15,000.00. Our projected cost, based on 2022, will be approximately $20,000.00. Once our fundraising is over, a budget will be determined for each committee. Until then, there are expenditures that still need to be made and they will be met. Anything extra will be divided between each committee, based on need.

Themes – Voted on our top 3 choices. We will continue to collect theme suggestions until the March 20th meeting.

Committee Chairs

Road closure  - Robert Cooper

Car show – Bob Jarvis & Susan Sorenson

Vendors – Donna Earnest 

Parade – Kristy Williams

Set-up & clean-up – Kathy Pedrick

Dinner dance – Raymond Williams

Permits – Penny & Orlando

Old Days Book & Advertising – Larry Barbro

BBQ Contest – Raymond Williams

Chili Cook-Off – Shirley Williams 


Street Closure:

Bell St from Helena to St Joseph

Detours at St Joseph and Augusta. Bell closed at Augusta on Sunday for the parade.


Men’s Club Parking Lot

We are getting a camel!

Kids Games in the parking lot.

There will be no food trucks this year in the club parking lot.

Tri-tip sandwiches on Saturday / BBQ contest on Sunday


Old Days Planning Committee 2023


  1. Theme ideas send to

  2. Bingo to raise funds for Old Days – January 20 / March 31 / June 23

  3. Cost breakdown:

Food/supplies/entertainment/law enforcement           15,254.00

Insurance   Separate Policy for Old Days                         1,782.00

Office supply/ permits /advertising                                  4,068.00


We will recoup some – but the costs will be higher this year - Law enforcement and permits for sure.


Friday – chili cook off / entertainment band / food supplies

Saturday – Vendors / car show / dinner dance entertainment band / food supplies

Sunday – Parade / vendors

Committee's - 

Road closure / car show / vendors / parade / set-up & clean-up / Dinner dance / Permits / Old Days Book & Advertising

Next meeting is February 20th at 6 pm.

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