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Founded in 1946, the Los Alamos Valley Men’s Club (LAVMC) is a philanthropic §501(c)(3) nonprofit group of men, women, and families dedicated to providing scholarships and funding to local students, and supporting Los Alamos youth and families.


The spacious clubhouse, located at 429 Leslie Street, is available for rent for private events. The Club is supported by tax-deductible donations from individuals, families, and businesses. It also sponsors events, including the Los Alamos Old Days Celebration on the last weekend of September, as well as other fundraisers throughout the year.


2021 Board Members: President, Charlie Gonzales; Vice President, Kim Iness; Treasurer, Mary Anne Christensen; Bar Manager, Steve Soderquist; Secretary, Susan Sorensen; Building Steward, Shirley Williams; Directors: Jim McCullar, Shorty Rantz, and Sheila Glaser.


Website by: Deanna Hearth, Member

Newsletter Editor: John Traller, Member

Photos by Jeffrey Bloom Photography


A Little History...
(taken from the 9/2008 Los Alamos 62nd Old Days Book)

Late in the Summer of 1946, it was decided (as a result of informal discussions around the Post Office), that the area needed an organization to further community interests. A few days later, cards signed by Bill Drum, George Michalopoulos and John  Bastenchury were sent to local residents inviting them to a meeting to see whether such an organization would meet with their favor. Meetings were held at the D&M Cafe (previously the Steel Horse Saloon; now Bell's), and plans for the formation of the Los Alamos Valley Men's Club were approved.

On October 26, 1946, with 88 charter members enrolled, the following regular officers were elected: W.F. Luton, President; Bill Drum, Vice President; Joe Aguirre, Secretary; George Michalopoulos, Treasurer, Charles Teague, Chaplain; Nicholas Moulton, Steward; Dale Douglas, Henry Dull and John Bastenchury, Trustees. A constitution was drawn up dedicating the organization to civic betterment, local recognition, closer cooperation with neighboring communities, and the promotion of social and welfare activities for youth and adults.

During the Fall and Winter of 1946-47, regular meetings and occasional social gatherings were held in Nick Moulton's Hall (another former business at the Steelhorse Location; now Bell's), which he generously allowed the new club to use. Soon the members came to realize that a clubhouse would have to be acquired if the organization was to grow and assume its useful position in the community. To this end, many suggestions were made and considered. However, all of these suggestions involved too great a financial burden for the newly-formed club. On January 9, 1947, a plan generously proposed by Angelo Grgich, a charter member, was accepted by the membership. This plan made it possible for the club to acquire two lots and the financial backing for construction of a clubhouse.

Up to this time, Los Alamos Valley Men's Club had been a loosely-knit social and betterment group, with elected officers, but having no legal standing. In order to acquire property and have financial and legal standing, it now became necessary to incorporate the club under the laws of the State of California. Jack Rickard, also a charter member, offered his legal services, and on the 3rd of March 1947, Articles of Incorporation and a new legally-worded set of bylaws embodying the original ideals of the club were filed with the Secretary of State. In due time, the club received its charter as an incorporated non-profit organization.


Los Alamos Old Days Celebration

September 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2021


Thank you everyone for participating in such a great event! See you next year!

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75th Annual Los Alamos 
Old Days Celebration

"Back in the Saddle"

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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 24th, 25th, and 26th. Old Days. 


Annual membership dues are $40, and can be paid by Venmo or check. Membership meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month. The Bar will open at 6:00 p.m., and dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.. The meeting starts at 7:00 pm.



Our Facilities are equipped to host all of your special occasions, such as: weddings​, quinceañeras, banquets, reunions, and anniversary and birthday celebrations. The cost to rent the facility is $850 with an $500 deposit. The deposit holds your reservation. The rental fee includes the use of folding tables and chairs, the kitchen, and the outdoor barbecue area. There is indoor and outdoor seating available. The facility can accommodate 200 people.

Liability insurance requires security must be hired from a licensed security company. This is the responsibility of the renter(s).

Photos by Jeffrey Bloom Photography©






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429 Leslie St, Los Alamos, CA 93440, USA

Mailing: PO Box 13, Los Alamos, CA 93440, USA

(805) 344-3500

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