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May Newsletter 2023

Happy May LAVMC Members!

Spring Fling was a major success raising a little over $40k. A big thank you goes out to all of our volunteers, our donors, and all of you that showed up to participate. We really appreciate how the community comes together every year to give a boost to our donations account and our operating funds. Without all of you, the Men’s club doesn’t exist. Regarding the table sponsorships, any sponsors will be receiving an email (or letter if we don’t have the sponsor’s email) regarding the next steps in the process. We obviously have your email so that doesn’t apply to you.

April’s general meeting dinner was prepared and served by Matthias, Joe, and our trusty bar manager, Zach. The meal was tri-tip sandwiches with Matthias’ homemade chimichurri sauce. Our next general membership meeting is on Thursday, May 18th. The Bar opens at 5:30 and dinner is served at 6:15. The meeting will start at 7pm sharp. May’s dinner will be prepared by the Costa/Bray/Maguire family (aka my family). We might be serving up some enchiladas or we might be serving up some linguica sandwiches - but we are going to keep the final decision a surprise.

We have volunteers for post-dinner cleanup this month - our Treasurer, Anita Withers, & our President, Kristy Williams have volunteered to clean-up this month. A big thank you to everyone who has signed up to help or has helped so far. The monthly cooks are counting on you! We are still looking for one volunteer to help clean up after dinner and eat for free in the month of October. If you want to volunteer let Kylin ( know!

Our upcoming fundraisers this month/ events are the FCC & LAVMC Bingo on May 19th at 6pm and the CYO (Cook Your Own) on May 26th at 6pm. Regarding the Bingo, tickets are limited to 200, please get them sooner rather than later! This is an annual Bingo we hold in partnership with the employee club of the Lompoc Federal Corrections Institute. Many of our members are employed at the FCI and we are proud to work with them on this bingo. The CYO this month is a selection of rib-eye, chicken or fish and a free hot-dog meal for kids. We are always looking for people to help set-up or clean-up these events, if you are willing to help - please let me know and I will pass it along!

We have one more bingo fundraiser to get Old Days “Back on Bell” on June 23rd. We are at $15,350 raised so far through April! Please let Shirley ( know if you are interested in donating towards this cause and sponsoring $250 or more. Our Old Days theme for 2023 is ‘Red, White, and ‘Country’. We need plenty of volunteers to help out with Old Days, please email Kristy ( if you are interested in volunteering!

If you are looking for way to help the club or just want some feel good volunteer hours - below is a link you can use to volunteer for the current needs of the club as well as a way to let us know the ways that you would like to help in the future.

Member Shout Out!

We wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you to Kim Iness! She spent a ton of time putting together our primary fundraiser for the year. The Spring Fling has a huge impact on our organization fiscally and enables us to further help other organizations throughout the year. We are looking for someone to take over this fundraiser for next year, if anyone has the time to dedicate or even a team of a few people, please let us know! We know taking on something like this on your own can be a big undertaking, but maybe its an excuse to spend time with your best friend or someone you love for the betterment of the community! It doesn’t have to feel like work and can be a lot of fun. If you volunteer sooner rather than later, I bet you Kim would be willing to share her knowledge from her experience running the event with it fresh on her mind! I would also like to thank Debbie Waugh for taking the time to document the Spring Fling so that they could be included in this month’s newsletter! If you have a way you think you can contribute to the efforts of the club that we haven’t thought to ask for, let us know!

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